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DCCA NEWS RELEASE: DCCA disciplinary actions

Posted on Mar 9, 2017 in Latest Department News

(Through February 2017)

HONOLULU – The state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) and the state Boards and Commissions released a summary of disciplinary actions through the month of February 2017 taken on individuals and entities with professional and vocational licenses in Hawaii.  These disciplinary actions include dispositions based upon either the results of contested case hearings or settlement agreements submitted by the parties.  Respondents enter into settlement agreements as a compromise of claims and to conserve on the expenses of proceeding with an administrative hearing.

The DCCA and the Boards and Commissions are responsible for ensuring those with professional and vocational licenses are performing up to the standards prescribed by state law.


Respondent:        Leroy G.S. Melchor, R.N.

Case Number:      RNS 2015-17-L

Sanction:              License revoked and Licensee ordered to pay $2,000 fine

Effective Date:     2-2-17

The Board found that Respondent engaged in unprofessional conduct by, among other things, touching an inmate inappropriately in violation of HRS § 457-12(a)(6) and HAR § 16-89-60(6)(A), (C), (F), and 7(A) along with HRS § 436B-19(17).  (Board’s Final Order after contested case hearing.)

Respondent:        Eric G. Gotera, R.N.

Case Number:      RNS 2015-46-L

Sanction:              License suspended for 3 years

Effective Date:     2-2-17

Respondent allegedly engaged in unprofessional conduct and the unauthorized removal of drugs from a health care facility in possible violation of HRS § 457-12(a)(6) and HAR §§ 16-89-60(7)(D) and (E), along with HRS § 436B-19(17).  (Board approved Settlement Agreement.)


Respondent:        Russell D. Lawrence (Hawaii)

Case Number:      PDG 2016-68-L

Sanction:              $250 fine                                                                                                   

Effective Date:     2-16-17

Respondent was allegedly convicted of the offense of Abuse of Family or Household Member and falsified his application for Guard Employee Registration in possible violation of HRS § 436B-19(5) and HAR § 16-97-46(12).  (Board approved Settlement Agreement.)


Respondent:        Bogart Construction, Inc. and Brad K. Bogart

Case Number:      CLB 2016-330-L

Sanction:              $5,000 fine

Effective Date:     2-17-17

Respondents allegedly did not have an RME in residence in the State during the construction of a project in the Ka Makana Alii Shopping Center in Kapolei in possible violation of HAR §§ 16-77-71(a)(4) and 16-77-71(a)(5).  (Board approved Settlement Agreement.)


Respondent:        Garic A. Fukuhara

Case Number:      ENP 2016-4-L

Sanction:              $500 fine and Licensee required to provide Board with progress reports

Effective Date:     2-14-17

Respondent was convicted of and imprisoned for aiding and abetting in the distribution of methamphetamine in violation of HRS § 436B-19(14).  Respondent is currently on supervised release.  (Board’s Final Order after contested case hearing.)


Respondents:      Brenda T. Kumabe, fka Brenda T. Kaneshiro

Case Number:      ACC 2016-17-L

Sanction:              $500 fine and complete continuing education credits

Effective Date:     2-24-17

Respondent allegedly failed to complete the required number of continuing professional education credits in ethics and/or professional conduct in possible violation of HRS § 466-9(b)(3) and HAR § 16-71-45(b).  (Board approved Settlement Agreement.)


Respondents:      Gordon C.Y. Au, dba Gordon Au Realty

Case Number:      REC 2010-202-L

Sanction:              License suspended (stayed) and Licensee ordered to pay $100 fine      

Effective Date:     2-24-17

The Commission determined that Respondent engaged in fraudulent or dishonest dealings, failed to maintain a record of competency, honesty, truthfulness, financial integrity, and fair dealing, failed to provide written notice to the Commission of a criminal judgment entered against him, and failed to comply with any law in a manner such that the Commission deems the applicant unfit to hold a license in violation of HRS §§ 467-14(8), 467-14(20), 436B-19(12), 436B-16(a), and 436B-19(17) together with HAR §16-99-3(b ).  (Commission’s Final Order after contested case hearing.)

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