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OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR – News Release – Governor Ige signs 18 bills in Tuesday’s signing ceremonies

Posted on Jun 25, 2019 in Latest Department News, Office of the Governor Press Releases

Link to photos here

HONOLULU – Gov. David Ige signed a series of bills into law today, ranging from kupuna care, homelessness and mental health, traffic safety, elections and health. The bills are as follows:

Kupuna Care Package:

Link to Kupuna Care bill signing video here

ACT 123 — HB465   Relating to Aging

ACT 124 — HB468   Relating to the Health Aging Partnership Program

ACT 125 — HB471   Relating to Aging

ACT 126 — SB1025 Relating to the Kupuna Caregivers Program

ACT 127 — SB366    Relating to Health


Homelessness & Mental Health:

Link to Homelessness – Mental Health bill signing video here

ACT 128 — HB257   Relating to Homelessness

ACT 129 — SB1124 Relating to Mental Health

ACT 130 — SB567    Relating to Mental Health Treatment


Traffic Safety:

Link to Traffic Safety bill signing video here

ACT 131 — SB663    Relating to Highway Safety

ACT 132 — SB98      Relating to Crosswalk Safety

ACT 133 — SB693   Relating to Statewide Traffic Code

ACT 134 — HB757   Relating to Transportation



Link to Elections bill signing video here

ACT 135 — SB216   Relating to Elections

ACT 136 — HB1248 Relating to Elections

ACT 137 — HB168   Relating to the Electronic Transmission of Ballots



Link to Health bill signing video here

ACT 138 — SB549   Relating to Healthy Beverages for Children

ACT 139 — SB1246 Relating to Telehealth

ACT 140 — HB1453 Relating to Emergency Medical Services

In addition, Gov. Ige signed the following bills last Thursday and Friday:


Signed June 20, 2019:

ACT 101 – HB1157 Relating to Post-Secondary Education Student Immunizations


Signed June 21, 2019:

ACT 102 – HB349   Relating to International Yoga Day

ACT 103 – SB754    Relating to Agriculture

ACT 104 – HB463   Relating to Food Safety

ACT 105 – SB1342 Relating to the Probate Code

ACT 106 – HB297   Relating to Mosquito Vector Control

ACT 107 – SB197    Relating to Campaign Finance

ACT 108 – SB852    Relating to Restitution for Victims of Crime

ACT 109 – SB144    Relating to lobbyists

ACT 110 – HB1307 Relating to an Office of Administrative Hearings

ACT 111 – HB1268 Relating to Statutory Revision: Amending or repealing various provisions of the Hawai‘i Revised Statutes and the Session Laws of Hawai‘i for the purpose of correcting errors and references, clarifying language, and deleting obsolete or unnecessary provisions

ACT 112 – HB903   Relating to the Judiciary

ACT 113 – HB116   Relating to the State Budget

ACT 114 – HB807   Relating to Offenses Against Public Administration

ACT 115 – HB546   Relating to Intoxicating Liquor

ACT 116 – HB1070 Relating to Education

ACT 117 – HB507   Relating to Search Warrants

ACT 118 – HB356   Relating to Claims Against the State

ACT 119 – HB170   Relating to Ethics

ACT 120 – HB169   Relating to the state Ethics Code

ACT 121 – SB1417 Relating to Filipino Veterans Burial Assistance

ACT 122 – HB852   Relating to the Hawai‘i State Energy Office



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